Aegle Design is a vertically integrated bag company that focuses on minimalistic, affordable, and functional trendy designs. The Aegle Design group of companies was founded by Hb Alumisin in the year 2009. Aegle Design started with designing jewelry and was the preliminary idea in HB’s years in the College of the Holy Cross. However, the idea changed and evolved from just designing fashion products to focusing on bags designs and integrating manufacturing capabilities to its business model. In the year 2013, Aegle Design started its own bags manufacturing facility in the Philippines. Since then, the company focused on bags and established the Aegle Design brand in New York City. The Aegle Design brand attained acclamations in its start up stages that E-commerce giant, One Kings Lane, partnered with the company to help on distribution and brand marketing. Quickly, the brand gained multiple retail distribution and more acclamations. Hollywood celebrities such as Bella Thorne, Sabrina Carpenter, Amanda Seyfried, Greg Sulkin started wearing the bags putting the brand viral on Instagram and Facebook. New York Models from Victoria Secret Models such as Maia Cotton, Gizele Oliveira, Lais Ribeiro, Luma Grothe, Kate Grigorieva, Pauline Hoarau  to Vogue editorial models Ophelie Guillermand, Manuela Frey, Lauren De Graaf, and Abby Champion making the brand a standard with New Yorkers.


Currently, Aegle Design is expanding its manufacturing facility and wholesale and own retail distribution in the US. The Aegle Design family is grateful to your support through the years.



Mission: Aegle Design is an innovative and disruptive fashion company that empowers consumers, craftsmen and management:

  • Consumers by providing cutting-edge styles at cost-effective prices;
  • Craftsmen by providing pride and social awareness to our manufacturers;
  • Management by strong familial culture.


Vision: Aegle Design is committed to evolve as a fashion company by:

  • Constantly updating out product lines to keep ahead of fashion trends;
  • Using a business model that constantly innovates to remain competitive.


Value: Aegle Design is dedicated to endure as a fashion innovator by:

  • Focusing on our core commitment to mission and vision;
  • Striving to provide the best value to our customers;
  • Using innovative technology to be competitive.