Mission: Our mission is to provide an ethical workplace in the Philippines that includes fair

wages, reasonable hours, and safe conditions while still producing high quality products at affordable prices.


Why: It is very important to us that we pay honor to our heritage and provide our Filipino workers with fair wages and opportunities to foster a

better community.


Our Story: Since 2013 Aegle Design has been designing minimalistic, affordable and trendy bags. We are a vertically integrated company, which means that we own all of our own factories. Something that is very important to us is our Filipino heritage. All of our factories are located in the Philippines to give our employees there fair wages and opportunities. The owner, HB Alumisin, has lots of family over there and it is important to the whole brand that we all share the vision of fostering better opportunities for the people in the Philippines. We want to spread our brand story across the globe to make fashion a more sustainable and ethical industry.

Poverty in the Philippines is caused by the decline of the economy due to lack of job creation. There is a lack of rural jobs and most rely on fishing and farming as their way of life. Many foreign manufacturers look right over the Philippines because of its remote location in comparison to many other popular manufacturing locations within Asia. 

As of 2018, about 17.6 million people in the Philippines lived below the poverty line. As of 2019, 64% of Filipino households struggled to put food on the table, leading to 2 in every 10 children under 5 being underweight. The monthly salary that the average citizen in the Philippines makes ($292.73) is significantly lower than that of the average American ($984). The average citizen in the Philippines brings home around $3,512.76 per year. 

In addition to rent, utilities and food also account for a large portion of a family’s income. The average monthly salary does not allow for the people to live comfortably, as many living in the Philippines live paycheck to paycheck, worrying about tomorrow. 

Aegle Design aims to combat poverty in the Philippines by providing jobs with fair wages, and providing employees at their factories with resources for their families. When customers make a purchase at Aegle Design, they are helping to provide fair wages for the workers in the Philippines. Aegle Design follows a vertically integrated structure, meaning we own our own factories. As a result, we are able to make sure that our employees and their families are receiving fair treatment and can go home with less worries that they will be unable to pay their bills. 

We want to spread our brand story across the globe to make fashion a more sustainable and ethical industry, while at the same time, help our fellow countrymen to rise from poverty to a sustainable lifestyle.

Why are we better:

We are vertically integrated that is a win for our customers and our employees.